Valtti card and Reliable Partner hand in hand

Work safety and transparent business operations are two crucial factors in the construction industry. They not only promote safe working conditions but also lay the foundation for long-term success and customer satisfaction.

In order to improve work safety and promote more transparent business practices, we require all Valtti card customers to have a Reliable Partner membership by December 31, 2023.

If the company has not joined to the Reliable Partner service by the specified deadline, we will close Valtti Cards after the transition period.


Valtti card + Reliable Partner = a more transparent and reliable business partner

The transparency of subcontractor responsibility information is important because it promotes the fight against the grey economy, economic stability, job safety, and fair competition. It also helps all parties involved in a construction site to ensure that everyone operates responsibly and complies with legal obligations.

Vastuu Group aims to provide reliable tools for all construction site operators to manage their legal obligations. Valtti card is an electronic personal identifier that has become the industry standard for complying with occupational safety laws and also serves as a key for access to construction sites. The Reliable Partner service assists in obtaining and updating the information required by subcontractor responsibility laws on behalf of the company. Additionally, the report may include valuable additional information, such as details about the company's liability insurance.

By combining these two elements, we can collectively better combat the grey economy and enable more reliable information and transparency in the industry.

Here's how to take action:

  1. Order Valtti cards for your employees as usual, or if you need guidance, you can find it here.
  2. Join the Reliable Partner service by December 31, 2023, by completing the electronic authorization.

    Join the Reliable Partner service

At the moment, we are able to provide The Reliable Partner service for companies resident in the following countries

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Sweden
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
To continue using Valtti cards, we require Valtti card customers from other countries to report the Valtti card employment information through a separate form by December 31, 2023.