Reliable Partner

The Reliable Partner service enables managing the obligations of the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act. The service retrieves, on your behalf, the data that is required by law and maintains this data always up to date.


Manage all requirements of the Contractor's Liability Act

Joining requires you to fill in a Power of Attorney. With the proxy, you authorise Vastuu Group to retrieve and update all data required by the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out on behalf of your company. Fill in the Power of Attorney, sign it, and send it to us by email to:

If you want the status of your Reliable Report to be OK as soon as possible, see, what attachments you should send with the proxy.

The annual price of the service (12 months) is EUR 115 + VAT

Foreign companies

If you don't have Finnish business ID, please see the Reliable Partner page for foreign companies working in Finland. At the present time, Estonian, Swedish, and Lithuanian companies can become Reliable Partners.

If your company has a registered branch, subsidiary or is a foreign corporation in Finland you will need to fill in the proxy for the Finnish company.

Updating of the Reliable Partner report

Your company’s Reliable Partner report can be retrieved free of charge from our service immediately once the power of attorney has been processed. If some of your company’s data is missing or an information source has not yet submitted it, the status of your company’s report will be information pending.

Do you want the status of your Reliable Report to be changed to OK as soon as possible? If so, please submit the following:

If your company has no paid workers: 

  • A certificate of the payment of taxes that is no more than 10 days old.

If your company has paid workers, also submit: 

  • A validity and payment certificate of TyEL (earnings-related pension insurance) that is no more than 10 days old.
  • A certificate of a statutory insurance against accidents that is no more than 10 days old.
  • Information of the organisation of occupational healthcare within your company.
  • Information of the collective agreement that is applied at your company.

As voluntary information, you can submit a certificate of a valid liability insurance and a certificate of an entrepreneur’s insurance against accidents that is no more than 10 days old.

You can acquire the necessary certificates from the Tax Administration and your pension insurance and insurance company.


Need help with filling in the proxy?

See instructions or contact our customer service, we are happy to help.

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