New Realiable Partner 2.0

The Reliable Partner 2.0 service retrieves a comprehensive information package about your company and keeps it up to date. You can see how your company's information appears
from an outsider's perspective.


A comprehensive information package about your company!

  • Information according to the Contractor's Liability Act as before
  • Financial data of the company (key financial indicators of the financial statements for the last 3 years -> Turnover, operating profit, net profit, liquidity, equity ratio, operating profit %, operating profit) *
  • Company's credit rating
  • Real-time solvency data (collection information available from Intrum)
  • Connections of company executives to other companies and whether there are payment default information in these
  • Sanctions data
  • Whether the company has hired labor and whether it is outside the EU
  • Responsibility information and other additional information and documents added by the company itself, such as certificates, qualifications, and classifications.
  • Financial statement data may not be available for all companies if they have not submitted their information to the Trade Register. 




Here's how to order 

You can order the new Reliable Partner service with your company account.  

If your company is not yet a customer of Vastuu Group, start ordering the Reliable Partner 2.0 service by first creating a company account.

More detailed instructions can be found here.


New customers €25/month (€300+VAT/year) 

Reliable Partner customers 20€ / month (240€+VAT/year). Reliable Partners receive the first year at a discounted price. 

The service is invoiced quarterly and the subscription continues until further notice. 



What benefits does the new service offer?

  • Increases trust between contract parties by providing a more comprehensive overview of partners.
  • Ease of use - all information from one service as part of the contract process. Initiating cooperation speeds up when information does not need to be checked and sourced from different places.
  • Companies can add additional information to their company report such as:
    • responsibility information, references, qualifications, certificates, and endorsements.
  • Better visibility into the company's information, which is visible outward to potential customers.
  • Companies can update their collective agreement and occupational health information directly in the service, as well as submit documents such as insurance policies. Information is updated in the report more quickly.
  • The visibility of sanctions data in the report makes the subscriber's work easier, as information does not need to be investigated from different lists separately.
  • If there is anything that needs to be corrected in the overall information of the company, the company receives a notification about it, allowing the company to react quickly to the situation. 

Reliable Partner service with only contractor’s liability information? 

If you only want to have the information required by the Contractor's Liability Act for your company, you can join the Reliable Partner Contractor's Liability service by filling out the authorization form in your company account or create one first. 

Reliable Partner Contractor's liability service includes only the contractor liability information.

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Foreign company in Finland? 

If your company's legal form is a foreign entity or branch, you need to fill out separate authorization forms for both the Finnish and the foreign company. Currently, Estonian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Polish companies can join to Reliable Partner service. 

Please note that the extended Reliable Partner 2.0 service is currently available for Finnish companies only. 

Authorization forms for foreign companies 


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