Valtti card is an electronic ID that complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and also serves as an access pass to a building site or a shipyard area. Each Valtti card contains all the information that is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act: the holder’s photograph, name, tax number, and employer details.


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Valtti card - an electronic key to worksites

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Based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act, persons working at building sites or shipyard areas must display a photographic ID card that includes the name, photograph, tax number, and employer details of the worker.

Valtti card is a diverse ID card for worksites. In addition to being an official ID card, it also serves as an access pass and proof of professional competencies. It can be used in the access control systems of our partners, and it also enables an easy retrieval of contractor details in an electronic format from the Employee Management service. This enables more efficient reporting of employee information to the Tax Administration, as required by the obligation to provide information in the construction sector. In addition, employee-specific professional competencies added to the Taito Competence Register can be linked with the Valtti card.

The price of the card is EUR 29 + VAT and EUR 7.20 for delivery and processing per order.


Valtti card and Reliable Partner hand in hand

In order to improve work safety and promote more transparent business practices, we require all Valtti card customers to have a Reliable Partner membership by December 31, 2023.

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This is how you order Valtti cards

Valtti cards can be ordered from our Card service. The easiest way to place an order is by using a computer.

When you are ordering your first Valtti card:

  • Register yourself or your employees with the Tax Administration’s public tax number register, in which all persons working at a building site or a shipyard in Finland must be included.
  • Next, create a company account for your company, if you do not have one yet.
  • On the company account, go to the Employee Management service and add the details of the employees for whom you wish to order Valtti cards.
  • Once the details have been saved, their status will be Waiting for inspection until it has been verified that the person is included in the public tax number register. The service will inspect this automatically for you in real time.
  • Wait until the status of the person turns to Reported. After this, you can proceed to the actual ordering of the Valtti cards in the Card service.

    More detailed instructions on the ordering of Valtti cards can be found here.

Card Service

Manage Valtti card orders

Once you have added the information of your employees into the Employee Management service, you can order photographic Valtti cards for them by using the Card service. You can be certain that the name and tax number information found on the card is correct, because these have been verified previously in Employee Management.

Valtti cards meet the statutory requirements of a photographic ID to be used at building sites and shipyard areas.


In addition to ordering new cards, the Card service can be used:

  • To close expired or unnecessary Valtti cards.
  • To inspect, manage, and monitor the card orders made in the past year.
  • To retrieve PDF copies of the ordered cards whilst waiting for the arrival of the ordered Valtti card.
  • To send authentication requests to your employees in order for them to verify their Valtti cards.

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