Taito Competence Register is an electronic register of professional competences. It simplifies the process of proving competences and reduces the administrative load at building sites.

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Taitoregister – professional competences in a single electronic register

The Taito Competence Register is an electronic professional competence register that enables easier management, maintenance, and checking of competences. The service enables companies and their employees to verify their professional competences electronically in a reliable manner.


How does the Taito Competence Register benefit your company?

  • You will be able to manage the professional competences of the employees of your company in a centralised fashion.
  • Your employees can easily verify their competences at the building site directly with their Valtti cards, e.g. by using a mobile application.
  • Having the competences in an electronic format means that you no longer need a pile of different cards.

Using the Taito Competence Register is easy. You need a company account to use the register and add competences to your employees.

The price of the Taito Competence Register is only EUR 8 / person / year + the opening fee in accordance with the pricelist.


Verified competences from the Taito Competence Register

The Taito Competence Register contains professional competences in the building sector that are verified directly from the issuing party. We constantly add new verified competences to the Taito Competence Register and develop cooperation with trainers. See the list of trainers who are compatible with the Taito Competence Register.

Taito Competence Register in a nutshell

  • Digitalise the checking of professional competences.
  • Connects competences to the right person.
  • Is cost-efficient to operators of all sizes.


The general orientation training of the constructor in an electric format. ePerehdytys enables the completion of the general orientation training of the building site online before going to the building site. Information of completed ePerehdytys training is added to the Taito Competence Register and Valtti card.

ePerehdytys is a service offered by Rakennusmedia and Rateko.


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