Quickly and smoothly to the construction site with the help of the Valtti+ service.

Manage the competences and work permissions of your employees, authorise information directly to the main contractor, and speed up access for your workers to the construction site. The Valtti+ service will now include the Competence Register and its features.


Manage the competences and work permissions of your employees.

  • All qualification information of employees readable from a single card.
  • Authorization of information to the main contractors of your choice.*
  • Reduced risks associated with paper documents as all information is electronically stored in the service.
  • Lower risk of forgery when the employer adds employee information to the service.
  • Employee information available electronically for regulatory oversight.
  • Reduction in administrative workload for all parties involved in the construction site, and expedited onboarding processes with the use of the service.

The service consolidates individual information, competences, and documents proving work permissions into one profile for employees, employers, and work order issuers.

*Note! The basic information of the competences you add for an employee will be available during the transition period through the Competence Register service and its interface. Professional competency information contained in the Competence Register service can be accessed through applications provided by Vastuu Group or its partner programs by either reading the Valtti card presented by the employee and retrieving the employee's information from the Competence Register with card identifiers or by fetching the information from the Competence Register through the interface provided by Vastuu Group. After the transition period, qualification information will be available exclusively through the Valtti+ Inspector service and its interface.



Quick deployment and affordable pricing.

1 employee €50 + VAT per year
2 employees or more €250 + VAT per year
After ordering, you can enter employee information and authorize them for subscribers. You can also include your company's logo on the newly ordered Valtti cards if desired.
You will access the service through the Company Account under the Employee Management tab.

What benefits does the service bring to the construction site?

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