Valvoja is a tool designed for the client that retrieves and archives automatically the data required by the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out of Reliable Partner companies that are being followed.


Valvoja is the buyer's right hand

You can try Valvoja free of charge for one month. The contract will remain valid until further notice until you terminate the service. The price is determined, based on the number of suppliers that are being followed after the trial period. You can utilise the videos, instructions, and free webinars during the trial.


What are the benefits of Valvoja?

  • The Reliable Partner reports of your suppliers are always up to date and can be checked electronically.
  • Valvoja notifies you by email of any changes in the data of suppliers. You will find out immediately if there is something in the data that needs to be checked!
  • There is no need to archive the reports separately, as reports are archived automatically for at least the period that is required by law from the date the following of the company started.
  • Enhancing reliability and transparency. By using Valvoja, you can be certain that your partners comply with their statutory obligations.
  • The service makes procurements easier. You get the information required by the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out and the credit rating data from the same place, in other words, you can easily ensure that you make procurements from reliable and solvent companies that have complied with their social obligations. Rating is an additional service that is available to customised or Limitless Valvoja contracts subject to a separate subscription.

Need help?

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