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We offer diverse services for managing your statutory obligations in the real estate and construction sector.

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Make the ordering of the work easy with Vastuu Group’s services

To the client or the buyer, we offer services that reduce the administrative load of the company. With our services, you will be able to fulfil the requirements of the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, the Tax Procedure Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as manage the data needed at building sites, and complete paperwork and the signing of documents easier than before.

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Automate Supplier monitoring

Valvoja is a tool that assists the client by automatically retrieving and archiving the contractor’s liability data of Reliable Partner companies that are being followed. As a client, you only need to check the status of the Reliable Partner reports of your suppliers from the Valvoja service before signing the contract and add the company onto the list of followed companies. Valvoja archives the reports of followed companies automatically and notifies you of any changes in their company data.



Make the reporting to the Finnish tax Administration easier

The Building Site Register makes it easier to fulfil the obligation to provide information in the construction sector laid down in the Tax Procedure Act. The obligation to provide information in the construction sector, as stipulated by the Tax Procedure Act, requires the clients and principal implementers of building work to report contract and employee data to the Finnish Tax Administration on a monthly basis. The Building Site Register makes the collecting of data easier and automatically compiles reports of the data collected into the system that can be forwarded to the Finnish Tax Administration. The service serves as a shared database and data archive of the building site.

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