The SignSpace service enables digital signing and management and archiving of contracts. 2 weeks free trial.


SignSpace enables easier collection of signatures and contract management

The Finnish SignSpace is a digital signing service that makes conclusion of contracts quicker, enabling smoother business activities. The service makes adding signatures to documents easy and secure regardless of the location of the parties and without having to worry about printed copies getting lost.

The archiving of the documents so that they are available to all parties for ten years and the SignSpace Key mobile application make SignSpace stand out from among its competitors. Digital signing is a must have tool for all environmentally conscious companies.


SignSpace enables you to:

  • Review and sign contracts and other documents.
  • Archive signed documents so that they are available to all parties.
  • Sign documents by means of a fingerprint or face recognition through the SignSpace Key application.
  • Complete negotiations related to the contract process across organisational boundaries.

In the SignSpace service, the identity of the users is verified by means of online banking credentials, a mobile certificate, or identification options offered by smart phones. You can always be certain about the identity of your partner and the validity of their signature. The service is produced by using the latest signing technology and in cooperation with the leading information security experts. The service meets EU’s eIDAS and GDPR criteria.


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