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We work together with companies, associations, and organisations in various fields. Vastuu Group offers cooperation opportunities that enable companies to increase their business operations and be involved in the development of the built-up environment.



We offer several different cooperation methods, such as interface connections and an opportunity to participate in our pilot projects and service development.

We are constantly searching for new cooperation partners for projects and pilots. We also cooperate with associations and organisations and offer their members e.g. discounts for our services.

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Growth and sales opportunities through interfaces

Vastuu Group’s partner programme offers companies an opportunity to increase their business operations. The partner programme is a marketplace for cooperation between Vastuu Group and our partners. The programme is directed at those of our partners who want to develop their services with Vastuu Group’s data contents and the technical interfaces of our services.

In the future, we want to focus on cooperation with our partners. Our aim is to act as a reliable service platform and an intermediary of reliable data in an ecosystem where our partner companies can build their services for shared customers by using the data we offer. Our partners can develop and refine abilities that already exist in the ecosystem or bring new solutions into the ecosystem.



MyData is a human-oriented approach to the management of personal data. Whist the traditional data protection principles are based on the minimisation of data, the principles of MyData enable the development of human-oriented and sustainable data-oriented business operations

Vastuu Group acts as a consent operator that enables the merging of different information sources and systems, and the freeing of personal data for exploitation.

MyData is a service that is currently being developed, and gives individuals human-oriented means to share, present, and exploit their own data. The service is directed at private persons who can manage the sharing of their data with various operators. For example, in the pilot project implemented with Trafi, professional drivers utilised the service in proving their driving rights at work sites.


Digital employment and life-long learning

As part of the Digital employment project implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, a phenomenon study was implemented in the real estate and construction sector in order to identify the main challenges related to life-long learning and employment in the sector. The Reliable Worker is a service that is currently being developed, and aims to solve these challenges to the extent they concern the employment of job-seekers.

The work has in the project been conducted in cooperation with the network from the very beginning. We want to promote digital employment and development of skills together with other operators. We organise events where we work on themes related to employment and life-long learning and resolve any identified challenges. The participants have told that they have received ideas for the development of their own services and inspiration for their work. This multiplies the impact of our network.


CO2 DataHub project and ESG ecosystem

CO2 DataHub entity, led by Vastuu Group enables carbon dioxide emissions to be cut more accurately with data.

CO2 DataHub project develops methods to measure and report CO2 emissions data along with the entire value chain
of companies and cities

One of the project goals is to create and start the work of the future ESG ecosystem. This steering group already exists, and the work has begun. The steering group’s mission is to align and guide joint decision-making.

The ESG ecosystem creates data-based tools for automated CO2 calculation and reporting, as well as shared information standards for the entire built environment ecosystem.

The aim of the ecosystem is to take Finnish expertise onto the international market.



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