Building Site Register

The Building Site Register helps in fulfilling the obligation to provide information in the construction sector. The service serves as a shared database and data archive of the building site.


The Building Site Register is a solution for managing the obligation to provide information

It is a tool used by the contractor and the main implementer of the building site. It can be used to submit to the Tax Administration contract and employee reports that are required by the obligation to provide information in the construction sector under the Tax Procedure Act. The Building Site Register also serves as an electric archive of building site data.


How does my company benefit from the Building Site Register?

  • The Building Site Register can be used to submit the monthly reports to the Tax Administration on the contract prices and incurred invoicing of building contracts.
  • You can submit the monthly reports to the Tax Administration of persons who have worked at the building site.
  • The service also enables maintaining a list of persons working at the building site and an up to date list of persons who have a valid access pass to the building site.

The Building Site Register enables easier collection, management, and archiving of all this data.

The Building Site Register offers various licensing levels, which enables easy customization of the service to the specific needs of your company. You can also link many financial administration systems and building site systems to the Building Site Register, which enables managing all building site matters in one place.

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Familiarising workers with work safety practices is a central part of everyday activities at building sites. Vahti is a tool that enables the main implementer to maintain the list of persons and orientation data that are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. By activating the Vahti additional feature, you can maintain this data directly through the Building Site Register.


The Building Site Key is key

The Building Site Register creates every building site a unique Building Site Key that enables matching the data submitted to the Tax Administration with the correct building site. It is an ID that enables all companies working at the building site to save company, contract, and employee data into the service. The use of the Building Site Key makes the collection of data, reporting, and archiving easier and quicker.


Commencement of the service is quick

The commencement of the Building Site Register requires that the service contract has been accepted. When the contract is in order and you have created a username, you can start using the service.

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