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ePerehdytys and eKosteus trainings to be ordered from RATEKO’s online store

May 4, 2021 10:21:05 AM

10.5.2021 | Unlike previously announced, the web shop of RATEKO will not be available on the 12th of May and therefore in assistance to our customers we will continue to offer the ordering and identification services for ePerehdytys and eKosteus until the 1st of June.

4.5.2021 | Starting on 12 May 2021, ePerehdytys and eKosteus trainings can be ordered directly from the online store of Suomen Rakennusmedia, the provider of the trainings.

In the same connection, the invoicing and customer service of the training services will shift completely to Suomen Rakennusmedia. In the past, these trainings were ordered through Vastuu Group’s Ilmoita service and Vastuu Group invoiced the ordered trainings on behalf of Suomen Rakennusmedia.

The shift to using the new online store does not require any measures from the customer, nor does it affect any ePerehdytys and eKosteus orders that have already been made.

Completed trainings will continue to be included in Vastuu Group’s Taitorekisteri subject to the consent of the participant.

In the future, you can request assistance in the ordering of user rights, authentication, and completing the trainings from RATEKO.

Further information:

Johannes Albäck
Director of Operations
+358 40 753 6788

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