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Vastuu Group’s MyDataShare was a finalist at the Barcelona Smart Cities Award 2021

Dec 2, 2021 1:00:16 PM

Vastuu Group’s MyDataShare operator platform was a runner-up at Barcelona Smart Cities Expo 2021 in the Safety & Security category. The Safety & Security Award award was won by Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. The internationally acclaimed World Smart City Awards aim to recognize and support innovative city strategies, projects and ideas that can potentially make an impact on citizens’ lives and turn our cities into more sustainable and inclusive places to live in. MyDataShare enables cities to take the citizens’ rights to personal data into account when developing digital services.

Vastuu Group's MyDataShare is a MyData operator platform that enables the transparent and regulations-compliant flow of personal data as it digitalizes permissions needed for trust, convenience and cost-efficiency. It provides a holistic commercial, legal, technological, and ethical portfolio of features for smart cities to create proactive and sustainable services via privacy-conscious identity management and regulation-compliant permission management tools for personal data processing.

Cities are excellent forerunners for adapting the MyData principles into actionable services for people. Together with the city of Helsinki, we have shown the power of public-private collaboration by creating practical human-centric services and initiating future collaboration standards to accelerate human-centric service creation in Finland and globally,” says Vastuu Group’s Deputy CEO and MyData Lead  Mika Huhtamäki.

MyDataShare provides smart cities the means to embrace the human-centric MyData principles to transparently comply to regulations that concern access to personal data. The citizens are empowered to decide who gets access to their personal data and to view how and when the data is utilized. MyDataShare enables cost-efficient development and integration of the personal data-related digital services through tools that can be applied to existing implementations without invasive and costly changes.

MyDataShare was also awarded with a MyData Operator 2021 status by MyData Global network, and in September it received, together with the City of Helsinki, the European Identity & Cloud Award 2021 by KuppingerCole, Germany.


More information:

Mika Huhtamäki
Deputy CEO and MyData Lead
Vastuu Group Ltd
+358 40 061 6253



About Vastuu Group Ltd and MyDataShare:

MyDataShare (Muntiedot.fi operator in Finland) is developed and operated by a Finnish Vastuu Group Ltd. Vastuu Group is a data and ICT service company developing public-private-people ecosystems initiated from Real Estate and Construction sectors grown to other trust demanding business areas. MyData is described in the recently published European data strategy as a promising initiative for empowering citizens through exercising their digital rights.

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