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MyData Operator and MyData in Practice 2023 status awarded to Vastuu Group

Mar 23, 2023 6:40:00 PM

Ethical solutions for personal data – MyData Operator and MyData in Practice 2023 status awarded to Vastuu Group: MyDataShare and Reliable Employee.


MyData Awards 2023

Today, 35 service providers from 16 countries received the MyData Award 2023, an important recognition of the efforts of organisations and companies in Europe and worldwide in empowering individuals with personal data and giving them practical tools to take control of their digital lives. As promoted by the European Commission, putting people at the centre of digital transformations is needed for a safe and sustainable digital future. Further, boosting data sharing and ensuring its trustworthiness is critical to reaping the benefits of our digitised lives. Awarded organisations are vital enablers for such a vision, providing value for companies and individuals alike.

MyData refers to an innovative and better way of managing personal data that gives individuals more control and autonomy over their personal information. It puts individuals in charge of their data and allows them to decide how it is collected, used and shared. In addition to better control, solutions based on MyData principles ensure that the individual gets value from their data, i.e., better services, valuable insights and other benefits.

Personal data intermediaries such as MyData operators play a critical role in enabling this approach by building tools and services that allow individuals to manage their data securely and easily. They connect stakeholders in data ecosystems in order to offer more personalised and innovative services that are not only important for individuals and society, but also financially appealing to companies.

The MyData Award 2023 recognises and celebrates human-centric data solutions in two categories:

  • MyData Operator 2023, which recognizes organisations and companies offering human-centric infrastructure for using and sharing personal data.

  • MyData in Practice 2023, which celebrates real-life applications of ethical use of personal data. These are solutions and services that use personal data to give individuals better insights and help them achieve their goals.


"These organisations working to advance the MyData mission are recognised today for their solution-oriented and visionary work made real," said Viivi Lähteenoja, chair of the board for MyData Global. "Together, our collective focus and efforts for creating more and better alternatives for how personal data is currently used is really on display here. I’m delighted and beyond proud to see the solutions MyData awardees are offering to individuals celebrated for creating a positive impact on our societies.”

The MyData Awards 2023, launched first in 2020, is organised by the internationally recognised nonprofit MyData Global. The awards were announced at the international event Data Spaces Symposium in the Hague, Netherlands.


For more information contact:

Sille Sepp
Director of operations
MyData Global
Mika Huhtamäki
Executive Vice President
+358 400 616 253


Vastuu Group

Welcome to Vastuu Group, a Finnish data and ICT service company that is enhancing the way we engage with information. Through MyDataShare we empower individuals and businesses to harness the power of reliable data in a human-centric manner.Since our establishment in 2007, Vastuu Group has been at the forefront of developing public-private-people ecosystems, initially focusing on the Real Estate and Construction sectors and expanding to other trust-demanding business areas. We believe in creating a better and more sustainable life for people and the environment. We understand that data plays a vital role in shaping our digital society, and that’s why we have built MyDataShare as a platform that puts individuals in control of their own information. Join us on our journey to a data-driven future that respects individual rights and fosters trust.

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