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Incorrect information in the Reliable Partner report

Feb 4, 2020 4:59:59 PM

We noticed that some companies registered with the Reliable Partner service have encountered incorrect information. Inaccurate data has been reported in the period 13.1 - 4.2.2020. The problem has been limited to some of the businesses in the service and has been related to tax payment information. Invalid reports have now been fixed.

The accuracy of the information contained in the Reliable Partner service is extremely important to us, and we have taken action to ensure that the problem cannot occur again. We recommend, however, double-checking any reports ordered from the service to avoid any further misunderstandings against the information currently provided by the service. We sincerely apologize for any additional trouble caused by the situation.

Additional information: Johannes Albäck, COO, johannes.alback@vastuugroup.fi, 0407536788