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Valtti card is reformed on 26 September 2022

Sep 26, 2022 9:10:22 AM


We have launched the reformed Valtti card on 26 September 2022. The aim of the reform is to enhance the information security of the card and to prevent the risk of misuse of the card.


What will change about the Valtti card? 


The new Valtti card serves as a legal ID, and it can also be used for access control as well as to verify professional competencies like its predecessor. The main change following the reform is the digital identification of the cardholder, which helps us to improve user’s information security and the reliability of worksites.

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The main changes to the Valtti card are:

  • The validity period of the Valtti card will be 3 years.
  • The verification of the card will be a prerequisite for the use of the Valtti card. In the future, card holders must verify their identity by using their online banking credentials or a mobile ID for authentication before the card is taken into use. Authentication will become compulsory starting from September 2023.
  • In connection to the verification of the card, the user will receive a personal PIN code that will, in the future, enable new functions for the card.
  • The visual look of the cards will change and the colour of the new cards is green.
  • In the future, we will only provide one card.




The currently used orange/blue Valtti cards will continue to operate at least until 31 May 2025, unless the card expires earlier.

Please note that with the reform also the order process of Valtti card has been changed. In the future, Valtti cards will be ordered from the new Card service. See here for instructions, how to order Valtti cards.

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