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The terms and conditions of Vastuu Group's services will be amended on 19 September 2022

Aug 18, 2022 9:40:51 AM

The Terms and Conditions of Vastuu Group’s services will be amended on 19 September 2022 due to launch of renewed Valtti Card and Employee Management services.

In this renewal management of employee information (earlier Ilmoita-service) and Valtti Card Service have been separated in their own services. In addition the Terms and Conditions have been thoroghly updated. Security and integrity of the card service will be improved among other things through electronic cardholder identity verification which in turn provides enhanced security and trust for construction and shipbuilding sectors.

Read more about the new Valtti Card (in Finnish)

You can read the amended Terms and Conditions (in Finnish) here. 


This amendment of the Terms and Conditions do not require any action from our customers.



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