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Hartwall Capital invests in Vastuu Group's growth

Feb 1, 2023 9:30:00 AM

The family-owned investment company Hartwall Capital has made an investment in Vastuu Group on January 31, 2023. Vastuu Group and its subsidiaries are investing in customer value and growth. The company aims to expand its service offering in the domestic market in the near future and simultaneously prepare for gradual internalization. The financing from Hartwall Capital enables Vastuu Group to invest in achieving company’s long-term strategic goals.

“We are very excited about the cooperation with Hartwall Capital. They will bring us the competence and know-how that our company needs at this stage of development. Furthermore, we appreciate Hartwall Capital as a Finnish family-owned company. We share common values, and we both aim to invest in developing the company’s business in the long term”, tells Lars Albäck, CEO of Vastuu Group.

“Vastuu Group is in a very interesting phase. By developing and expanding its current service offering, Vastuu Group will unlock an enormous growth potential. The data-sharing technologies developed by the company are ready for commercialization, and Vastuu Group has, according to our view, potential to expand in the global markets, as well. We are happy to take the company to the next stage together with Vastuu Group’s team and the other company owners”, says Niko Mokkila, Managing Director and Head of Investments at Hartwall Capital.


Responsibility and transparency as the cornerstones of the business 

At Vastuu Group the corporate responsibility plays an important role in company’s strategy and business model and transferring of reliable data is at the very core of its business. The company focuses on providing services, which improve trust, transparency and verified responsibility within the society and which help its customers to comply with their legal obligations. As a neutral partner the company can serve entire industries and act as a bridge-builder in the cooperation between different industries.

“Responsibility and curbing the grey economy are increasingly topical in both the construction and investment industries. Through our investment, we want to help advance both subjects., says Mokkila.


In the company’s service portfolio responsibility can be seen above all in the Reliable Partner service. The service proves the responsible relationship with society and its other actors of both the major players and the private entrepreneurs in the construction industry. It also makes companies’ operations more transparent. Being a Reliable Partner is strong evidence of all that to the entire market.

”Hartwall Capital is a perfect addition to Vastuu Group’s current owners, which mainly consists of real estate and construction industry associations. Vastuu Group will have a strong, family-owned company as a new co-owner, who will actively take part in developing the business and create significant added value for the next development phases. As the company’s name suggests, Vastuu Group helps its customers to act responsibly and transparently. That is not only remarkable for the society, but also a fantastic opportunity for growth”, says Jukka Ruuska, Vastuu Group’s Chairman of the Board. 


For more information, please contact:

Lars Albäck 
Toimitusjohtaja, CEO 
Vastuu Group Oy
+358 40 503 3672

Niko Mokkila
Managing Director, Head of Investments
Hartwall Capital

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