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A new service page to Reliable Partners will be published on 18–20 March

Mar 14, 2022 9:00:00 AM

We will reform our services over the coming weekend 18–20 March 2022 and will publish a new service page for our Reliable Partner customers. Due to the reform, our services will be unavailable between 18.3. at 17.00 and 20.3. at 20.00.

The new service page will allow our Reliable Partner customers to view, for example, the status of their company’s Reliable Partner report and to maintain their company’s contact details. 

In order for all our Reliable Partner customers to be able to access the new service page, we will create a free company account in connection to the reform for those Reliable Partner customers who do not yet have an account. In addition, we will also give the main users of all existing company accounts user rights to the new Reliable Partner service page. In relation to this, we will be sending an email message to these users, in which the recipient will be either invited to become a user of the company account or informed of the granting of user rights.   

The company account is a portal where people can sign into our various services, including the new Reliable Partner service page.  

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