Companies that don't have an address or Finnish banking credentials can order Valtticards via our service point in Tallinn.

Take care of your obligations and order Valtti cards for your employees. Only 26 € + VAT.

Palvelut yrittäjälle

Order Valtticards without Finnish online banking credentials

People working on construction sites in Finland must be registered in the Tax Administration’s Public Register of Tax numbers. Your employees must register with the public tax number register before you can order Valtticards. If they do not have tax numbers yet, they need to visit a tax office to apply for a Finnish ID and a tax number. More information on the Tax Administration’s website.

Not sure if an employee’s tax number is added? Check if the tax number is added to the register.


When the tax numbers are added to the Public Register of Tax Numbers, proceed as follows:

  • Create a company account (the company account is free).
  • Log in and select the Employee Management and fill in the employees’ information, including images. More instructions on the Employee management can be found here.
  • At this stage the employees’ registration in the Public Register of Tax Numbers will be verified. The verification is only performed during office hours on weekdays and it takes approximately 1 to 3 hours. Wait until the status of the employees has changed to Entered.
  • When the status is Entered you may proceed with the Valtticard order.
  • Please send a free-form order to listing your company name, business ID, contact person, phone number, email and a list of employees you want to order Valtticards to.

Cards are issued from Tondi Training Center, Pärnu mnt 142, Tallinn. Card orders placed through the ordering service must be picked-up personally from the service point.

If picking up the cards in Tallinn does not work for you, please contact our customer service at and we will try to find a solution for you.

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