Reliable Partner

The Reliable Partner service is the easiest way to take care of the obligations that come from the Contractor's Liability Act in Finland. The service retrieves information from different registers and keeps the information up to date and published.

At the present time, Estonian, Swedish, and Lithuanian companies can become Reliable Partners.

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Reliable Partner

You'll save time and effort, when you don´t need to collect and deliver all documents required separately to the buyer. By joining, the supplier company shows itself to be acting with integrity. After becoming a Reliable Partner, we will update your company information continuously, and you can retrieve the report at any time in our Report-service.

At the present time, Estonian, Swedish, and Lithuanian companies can become Reliable Partners.


The annual fee for the service:

  • Reliable Partner Lithuania service 200 € (tax 0%)
  • Reliable Partner Sweden service 200 € (tax 0%)
  • Reliable Partner Estonia service 200 € (tax 0%).

Being a Reliable Partner gives your company a competitive edge and helps your company stand out in competitive bidding in Finland.

How to join?

Print out the PDF Power of Attorney, fill it in, sign it and send it to us by email or mail. We will pay the postage for you. If you’re in a hurry we recommend, that you send us the proxy by email.

Sending us a proxy authorises Vastuu Group to collect and renew all documents stipulated by the Contractor’s Obligations Act on your company’s behalf. 

If your company has a registered subsidiary or branch in Finland, you will need to fill in the proxy for the Finnish company as well (annual fee 115 € + tax).

When you want your Reliable Partner report as soon as possible, send us

  • an official tax payment certificate that is not older than 10 days
  • an official certificate of a valid liability insurance (optional)

In case your company has employees working in Finland (Posted Workers), also inform us of

  • which Finnish Collective Agreement is applied to the posted workers
  • where you have arranged Occupational Healthcare for the posted workers in Finland

In case your company has employees on its payroll that haven´t acquired A1 certificates yet

  • you will need to contact a Finnish pension insurance company and acquire pension insurance (TyEL) for your employees.
  • a certificate of the statutory accident insurance that is not older than 3 months.
  • If your employees have A1 certificates, Finnish pension insurance and statutory accident insurance are not required.

You can obtain these certificates from your pension insurance and insurance company.