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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Reliable Partner

What is the Reliable Partner service?

The Reliable Partner service compiles a report on statutory information, including statutory accident insurances, applicable collective agreements and information on whether tax and employment pension obligations are fulfilled. By joining the Reliable Partner service, the supplier permits for information on the fulfillment of these obligations to publicly searched for free on the Reports service. In Finland the Contractor´s Liability Act requires this information to be screened before entering in to contract.


What are the benefits of joining the service?

By joining the Reliable Partner service as a supplier, you no longer need to submit the certificates on your company stipulated by the Contractor’s Obligations Act. All the information will be compiled in a company report so you can give the report straight to your contracting partner. 


How can I join?

You can join the service by entering your company’s information onto a proxy and sending the signed proxy to SBCC. This authorises the search and publication of your company’s information (trade register, registry information and tax, pension, accident insurance, applicable collective agreements and occupational healthcare) in the service. You only need to fill out and submit the proxy once.


How much does the service cost?

The annual fee of the Reliable Partner service is €200, VAT 0. If your company has a subsidiary in finland you will need to join the Finnish Reliable Partner service also, as both companies information need to be screened to comply with the Act.  The Reliable Partner Finland service costs €105 + VAT 24%. Starting on January 1st 2019, the annual fee for the Reliable Partner Finland service will be 115 € + VAT.


When will I receive the first invoice for Reliable Partner membership?

You will receive the first invoice within two weeks of becoming a member of the Reliable Partner service.


Where can I get the Reliable Partner logo?

The Reliable Partner membership logo may be used by all companies that have joined the membership programme.

Once you have joined, visit to start using the logo.

More information as well as the terms and conditions for the use of the logo:




What reports will my company get by joining the service?

Your company will have the report mandated by the Contractor’s Obligations Act, which will be sent to you at least 6 times a year, and every time the report is amended. 


How do I get the Reliable Partner report?

You can always contact us by mail or telephone and ask for an updated report to be sent to you. 


How often is my Reliable Partner -report updated?

Your report is updated once a month. To update the report, we’ll need to update your company’s tax information. Provide us with an updated tax payment certificate monthly. Send us the certificate via email to in ADOC-format.

The extract from the Trade Register is updated every other month.


Why does the “Selvitettävää”, or “Clarification needed”, mean?

Clarification needed means that you need to check your tax payments or pension payments as arrears have been reported. when you have contacted the right source and made payment agreements you can send us the certificate and we will update your information again. 


Can I have an advance notification about a report that is about to change to “Selvitettävää”, or “Clarification needed”, status?

We will always notify you about changes to report status by email. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to notify you about this in advance, because Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy is obligated to publish information from pension insurance companies and the Tax Administration without delay.


What does the “OK” symbol mean?

The “OK” symbol means that your contractor’s obligations are met according to our information sources. The symbol is used when there are no items missing, to be noted or clarified in the company information.


What should I do if the “Huomioi”, or “Note”, symbol is on my company report?

The “Note” symbol is used when the client should take an exception into account for the supplier, such as exemption from VAT registration, for example. Your company, the supplier, should send the necessary proof of the exception to the client on their request. The symbol does not prevent the client from placing a job order.


What should I do if my company report includes the “Tietoja odotetaan”, or “Information pending”, symbol?

An “Information pending” symbol in the report means that some information is either missing or we are waiting for information from a pension insurance company, for example. Please contact us to make sure the report is up to date at all times.


What should I do if my company report includes the “Selvitä”, or “Clarify”, symbol?

Your company report may have the “Clarify” symbol for the following reasons:

•    Tax payment information needs to be clarified, and/or
•    Pension insurance information needs to be clarified.

Contact the customer service of the Tax Administration and/or your pension insurance company to find out the reason for the symbol and settle missed payments. Submit payment certificates to Tilaajavastuu to remove the symbol. NOTE: A “Clarify” symbol does not prevent cooperation between supplier and client if the neglected obligations are fulfilled.


Why does my report have a “SEIS”, or “STOP”, symbol?

A “STOP” sign appears on your company report if one of the following is visible on your company’s Trade Register Extract:

•    a person with a ban on business operations
•    the company has been liquidated according to the Finnish Business Information System
•    the company is bankrupt according to the Finnish Business Information System
•    the company is no longer operational according to the Finnish Business Information System




Can I print out the certificates from my report separately?

A specific portion of the report, such as accident insurance, cannot be printed out separately from the company report. However, a company report retrieved from the service replaces all certificates that otherwise should be submitted separately.


Which certificates should be sent with the proxy?

When you want your Reliable Partner report to be “OK” status, provide us with the following certificates:
•    If your company does not have hired labour
o    A tax liability certificate (no older than 10 days)

•    If your company does have hired labour, you may also provide us with
o    The payment and validity certificate for employee pension (TyEL) insurance (no older than 10 days)
o    A certificate for the statutory accident insurance (no older than 3 months)
o    Information about the statutory health care provider
o    Information about which collective labor agreement your company follows
In addition, as voluntary information, you may also send us the certificate for liability insurance and a certificate for entrepreneur’s accident insurance (no older than 3 months).


What address should I send certificates to?

You can send all certificates via email to (as PDF files) or by mail to:
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy, Tarvonsalmenkatu 17 B, 02600 ESPOO FINLAND


How old may certificates be?

Certificates are acceptable if they are no older than 3 months (accident and liability insurance), or no older than 10 days (tax debt and pension insurance validity and payment information). Occupational healthcare information should be updated every 6-8 weeks. We will remind all our customers to supply us with the relevant update/confirmation every 6-8 weeks until user interfaces to the occupational healthcare providers have been established.


Do you automatically update liability insurance information after I have submitted the first insurance certificate?

Liability insurance is voluntary information. Unfortunately, we cannot automatically update this information. Instead, you should submit updated liability insurance information once a year.


I have submitted a liability insurance certificate. Why can I no longer see it on my report?

If the validity period of the submitted certificate has expired, the insurance will no longer be visible on your report (for example, if the validity period on the certificate is January 1st to December 31st). In this case, contact your insurance company, request a new liability insurance certificate from them and send it to Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy.


I have sent you certificates via email/mail. How soon will the information appear on my report?

All certificates sent to us are entered into our service within approximately one working day from receiving them.


My company is an employment agency. How do I submit information on the collective agreements we follow?

All employment agencies should submit information on all the collective agreements they follow for their agency-hired labour. The report lists all submitted collective agreements. The easiest way to send this information is by email to, listed in an Excel file, for example.




How do I update my company’s information?

Send us the certificates via email to in PDF-format.


What should I do if my insurance company changes?

You must inform SBCC if your insurance company changes. We recommend informing us about these changes as early as possible to ensure that your company report remains up to date.

If you change your accident insurance company, send us a certificate for your new accident insurance.

If you change your pension insurance company, the quickest way to update your company information is by sending us a certificate for your new pension insurance that is no older than 10 days. Otherwise the information will be updated automatically within 2 months depending on your pension insurance company.


What should I do if my company’s Business ID or name changes?

You must inform SBCC of changes to your company name, so we can update this information into the service. If the Business ID of your company is changed or terminated, you must inform us of this and, additionally, fill in and send a new proxy for your new Business ID.




How can I terminate my Reliable Partner membership?

You can terminate your membership by sending an email to with “Termination” on the subject line. In the message field, please include your company name, Business ID, reason for termination (company no longer operational, for example) and the signatory of the termination. You can also terminate your membership by sending the above information via mail to our postal address.

Ordering Valtti cards

When using our services, we recommend you to use Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari as your browser.


Login and registration

Sign in to the Ilmoita service by choosing the Ilmoita icon in the navigation menu or by choosing the “Login to company account” link.

If you are a new customer, you should start by registering your company account first. Notice that the phone number must be written in the international format.


User management

Notice that the first person to create an account is automatically granted “main user” permission in the service and can grant other users access to the services.

In the user management section, you can grant access to other users. The user management section is found at the bottom of the Company page. Your company’s first Veronumero user is able to directly log in with their username and password.

The main user grants user permissions to other users. The permissions are granted in the Company account or in the Ilmoita service “User permissions” section.

The basic user can use the Report service by default.

If your user name is linked to several company accounts, remember to select which company account you are editing before granting new users permission to the services.

Type the email address of a new user into the Email field and click the Add user button. The added user has now been granted access to the Ilmoita service and can add new users.


Entering employee information

Entering information manually:

Select the Employee tab from the grey navigation bar and enter the employee information.

1. Select the New employee button

2. Enter the required information marked with an asterisk (*) (personal identity code in the form ddmmyy-123X)

3. Press Save. Notice that you can only upload a photo after the employee information has been saved.


All entered employee information are listed at the bottom of the page


Import excel file:


Address information must be filled in the Posted employee section for employees who have a home country other than Finland. If an employee has an E101, E102 or A1 certificate, certificate information must be filled into the Posted employee certificates section. If the employee does not need a posted employee certificate, this section can be left blank. 


Importing information via Excel file:
  1. Check the appropriate format of the Excel file by opening Download example (.xlsx) at the bottom of the page.
  2. Create an Excel based on the example and click Import Excel.
  3. Select the file you have created from your computer by either double-clicking it or by clicking Open.

Notice: The service automatically checks that all individual Tax Numbers entered into the Ilmoita service are found in the public Tax Number register. The user must themself request the entry of individual Tax Numbers missing from the public Tax Number register directly from the Tax Administration. The result of the individual Tax Number checks is updated into the Ilmoita service within one working day.


Adding a photo

Open the saved information on an employee at the top of the page by clicking the name and information of an employee from the list. When the employee’s information appears at the top of the page, you can add a photo for the employee by clicking Upload photo.

You can also upload more than one photo via ZIP file by clicking Import Zip at the bottom of the page. Name the employees’ photos with their given Tax Numbers, for example 100012341234.jpg, and pack the photos into a ZIP file. The size of the file must be 50MT or under. Adding photos using the Import Zip button requires that they are in packed ZIP files.


Editing employee information

Edit employee data

1. Select Employee from the top navigation bar. Choose an employee from the list.

2. The selected information is displayed at the top of the page.

3. Edit the information and save by clicking Save.

4. Add or change a photo bby clicking Add photo.

5. Delete an employee from the list by selecing Delete employee. Add a new employee by selecting Add employee.

Ordering Valtti cards without Finnish Bank ID

You need to complete the above steps and then contact our customer service to finalize the order.

Valtticards can be ordered in our self-service webshop by persons who have acquired Finnish personal online banking credentials. When using the webshop the delivery- and invoicing address are required to be in Finland. Baltic companies who do not have a Finnish address and Finnish personal online bankin credentials can place Valtticard orders by using our service points located in Tallinn, Estonia or Vilna, Lithuania. Card orders placed through the ordering service must be picked-up personally from the service point.

For more information, contact our customer service.


Deactivating Valtticards

You can deactivate a Valtticard by choosing a specific card from the Active cards page and clicking Close.

Please note that once a card has been deactivated, it can no longer be reopened or reactivated. The deactivated card can no longer be used.If an employee has lost or misplaced the Valtticard, the card should be deactivated for security reasons. A new card can then be ordered in the Valtti cards tab. We will charge you for the new order according to our price list.


Building site registration


You can register your company to a building site on the Site registration tab found in the grey navigation bar.

Before you begin the site registration, you need the following information:

The Site Key
The client’s name and business ID
The start and end date of the project


Registering a company to a site:

Click Sign up for a building site
After the view has opened, type the client’s Site Key into the empty text field and click Search.
Enter the client’s information and the duration of the project, and click Confirm.
When the registration has been successfully completed you will receive a notification.

The notification “Site registration has been unsuccessful. Check the information from the first tab of the Ilmoita service” means that all the mandatory information on the company has not been supplied. Check the information from the first tab of the Ilmoita service.

The employer registers to a building site with the Site Key. Individual employee information, however, is not separately registered to a building site at this point. The employee information must be entered on the Employees tab, so that it can be used by the main contractor when reporting employee information through the Building Site Register.




The construction sector has jointly developed a new method for occupational safety related general briefing – named ePerehdytys.


Start using the ePerehdytys service as follows:


  1. Order the ePerehdytys service at the front page of the Ilmoita service. You’ll find it at the bottom of the page.
  2. Add user permissions to the ePerehdytys service to your employees. You can either add permissions to all of your employees at once, on the front page of Ilmoita service or you can add permissions separately, to one employee at a time, at the “Employees” tab in the Ilmoita service.

The employee may conduct the ePerehdytys at The employee authenticates him-/herself when signing in, either by using the bar code on the Valtticard or by using the tax number and the business ID. The login is confirmed by a text message.


An accomplished ePerehdytys competence is visible in the Taito Competence Register and in systems, that use information from the Taito Competence Register.


You’ll find more information about the ePerehdytys service in the “What is it?” -article written by Rakennusteollisuus.


Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer service: