Finland Reliable Partner

The easiest way to comply with the Contractor's Liability Act. Make sure to stand out in competitive bidding.

Only €215 per year + VAT.

Finland Reliable Partner

Become a Reliable Partner

The Reliable Partner service is the easiest way to take care of the obligations that come from the Contractor's Liability Act in Finland. The service retrieves information from different registers and sources, and keeps the information up to date and published.

You'll save time and effort, when you don't need to collect and deliver all documents required separately to the buyer. By joining, the supplier company shows itself to be acting with integrity. After becoming a Reliable Partner, we will update your company information continuously, and send you a new report every time information changes.

How to join?

Print out the PDF proxy, fill it out, sign it and send it to us scanned by email.

Sending us a proxy authorises Vastuu Group to collect and renew all the data stipulated by the Contractor’s Obligations Act on your company’s behalf.

Fill out the proxy (pdf)

If your company has a branch or a foreign organisation in Finland (y-tunnus), you need to fill out a proxy for the Reliable Partner Finland service too, in order to adhere to the legislative requirements.

Currently the Reliable Partner service is available for companies from: Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland only.


The annual fee for the Reliable Partner Lithuania service is €215 + VAT. The obligations and responsibilities of the client are stipulated in the Contractor’s Obligations Act (1233/2006).

Your report will be updated and finalized in approximately two weeks after joining our service, and we will contact you if we require any additional information from you. Your company’s Reliable Partner report will be sent to you as soon as your proxy has been received and processed. The report will after that be available online at for anyone to fetch and will be updated once a month. You need to log into your company account and go to Report to fetch it. Please remember to change country to Lithuania before you search for the report by Lithuanian name or company registration number.

Your company report will have the “Information pending” status in case some information is missing or we are waiting for the information from the source.

In case your company has employees on its payroll that haven't aquired A1 certificates, you need to pay pension fees for this person in Finland together with the obligatory accident insurance. Please send us a certificate of the accident insurance that is not older than 3 months. You can obtain this certificate from your insurance company in Finland.

What does the report look like?

Reliable Partner report_english