About us

SBCC offers services that help Baltic companies to work across borders and comply with the legislative requirements in Finland.
About us

Eliminating bureaucracy

Companies performing work in Finland are required to adher to the country’s legislative requirements. We've created services that will save you a great deal of time and minimize bureacracy. We make it easy to take care of your obligations before posting workers.


Scan-Baltic Certified Construction is a Lithuanian subsidiary of Vastuu Group in Finland. We offer companies in the Baltics the means to comply with the legislative requirements when working in Finland. Our office in Lithuania is located in Vilnius.

Vito Gerulaičio g. 10-101
LT-08200 Vilnius

Vastuu Group

Vastuu Group Ltd. is a Finnish company that promotes the digitalisation of the built-up environment and helps companies comply with their legal obligations. Our services make the daily operations of companies easier. We create a better and more sustainable life for people and the environment through reliable data. Vastuu Group's main customers are businesses in the built environment as well as public administration organisations.

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