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We offer a wide network of trust

Companies can leverage trust by being transparent about their business and by sharing customer reviews. Zeckit provides valuable, real-time company data through a wide partner network. It is powered by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy, who is specialized in gathering company data and has more than 57,000 existing customers in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Lithuania. Zeckit is integrated in many partner services and is therefore easily accessible for the users. We bring valuable data to our network and partners can use the data in their own services to add value for their customers and users.


We offer a wide network of trustWidget with background information and customer reviews

The free widget can easily be integrated to a company´s website or to a partner service. 0100100 by Eniro Finland, (part of the Scandinavian Eniro Group) is one of the leading mobile- and digital search services in Finland. Zeckit is integrated in 0100100, which makes it very easy for the user to check company background information and customer reviews. Together with Eniro Finland we offer tailor-made premium solutions for companies.

Company search widget

We have also developed a search widget for partners who want to integrate the whole Zeckit platform to their digital service or website.The search widget can easily be tailor-made for the partner. It can be limited to for instance a local company search or a branch-specific search showing competences. Partners that have integrated our search widget are Josek (Joensuu Regional Development Company) and Stul (The Electrical Contractors´ Association. The partnership with STUL means that the whole Zeckit network and its users can search for electricians locally and filter the search by the competence needed.

Zeckit Media partners

Suomela, Freemium Media is both a digital magazine and the largest free print magazine distributor for households in Finland. Besides integrating the Zeckit search widget to their portal we have developed a marketing widget together. The marketing widget adds visibility to companies on the Suomela-site, when a topic of one of their articles matches the services a company provides.  

Who are we looking for?

These are examples of different business models that we have built together with our partners. We all agree on one thing: Transparency builds trust. So why don´t you join us? We are looking for innovative partner opportunities and we want to expand our service internationally.

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