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Companies performing work in Finland are required to adhere to legislative requirements. We make it easy to take care of your obligations before posting workers.

Our Services

Personal ID cards

Every person working on a construction site in Finland is required to carry a personal ID card with a photo and the tax number. In Finland the use of Valtti cards is the construction industry norm. The Valtti cards are supplied in a package including a Valtti smart card with an electronic chip and the personal ID card required on the site.

Competencies & Certificates

In the construction industry, regardless of country companies and employees have countless certificates and competencies that are regulated by laws and standards. Valtti card provides you an opportunity to add competencies and certificate information to a specific employees personal ID card. As Valtti cards are smart cards, this information can be read digitally regardless of place and time by the use of mobile applications and access control systems.

Reliable Partner

In Finland the Contractors Liability Act stipulates that all certain company information need to be checked before organisations enter in to contract with each other. If you are sending workforce to Finland the easiest way of complience is letting us gather all the required information. We publish this information in a report format making it available for all your contracting partners. The subscription fee for becoming a Reliable Partner is 200€ (tax 0%). Being a Reliable Partner gives your company a competitive edge and helps your company stand out in competitive bidding in Finland. If your company has a registered subsidiary in Finland you will need to fill in the proxy for the Finnish company as well.


Going to Finland:

Billed by SBCC in Euro.

Reliable Partner Lithuania


200 € /year + VAT

Finnish subsidiary


125 € /year + VAT*

Valtti Cards   26 € / card packet, per employee + VAT