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MyData Operator 2022 Status Awarded To Vastuu Group's MyDataShare operator platform

Vastuu Group's MyDataShare operator platform continues to serve customers as an awarded MyData Operator 2022 – for the third time year in a row. The MyData Operator Awards recognise companies that have shown leadership by creating solutions that empower individuals to manage their data and make it easier for personal data to be shared and used safely. The award confirms Vastuu Group's responsible and human-centric processing of personal data.

A MyData operator is a provider of infrastructure for personal data management and a key element in creating sustainable ecosystems for fair and ethical use of personal data. It also reflects the rising demand for a more ethical approach to personal data and acts as a symbol of best practice that reassures individuals, governments, investors, and other companies and organisations. The MyData Operator Awards recognise best practices to ensure privacy and data protection, and empower individuals with their data.

MyDataShare provides service creators with an easily integrable and extensible toolkit that covers the full spectrum of personal data use: commercial, legal, technological, and ethical aspects. MyDataShare offers a complete package for developers and integrators whose services utilize personal data to ensure that their services comply with privacy regulations.

Cities are excellent forerunners for adapting the MyData principles into actionable services for people. Together with the city of Helsinki, we have shown the power of public-private collaboration by creating practical human-centric services and initiating future collaboration standards to accelerate human-centric service creation in Finland and globally,” says Vastuu Group’s Deputy CEO and MyData Lead  Mika Huhtamäki. 

The MyData Operator Award, launched in 2020, reflects the rising demand for a more ethical approach to personal data. The Award focuses on how personal data intermediaries manage two key issues: transparently communicating their practices and business models, and the extent to which users are the primary beneficiary of their personal data. 

MyData Global wants more personal data to be shared in a safe and ethical way. The Award gives leaders an opportunity to showcase their hard work, and it seeks to engage with more companies. In a rapidly developing area for technology, business, and policy, there are many companies out there seeking to or already implementing innovative personal data solutions that put power back in the hands of the public.


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More information:  

Mika Huhtamäki 
Deputy CEO, Vastuu Group Ltd 
+358 40 061 6253  


About Vastuu Group Ltd and MyDataShare: 
MyDataShare is developed and operated by a Finnish Vastuu Group Ltd. Vastuu Group is a data and ICT service company developing public-private-people ecosystems initiated from Real Estate and Construction sectors grown to other trust demanding business areas. Vastuu Group has been in operation since 2007 with steady growth. Company a better and more sustainable life for people and the environment through reliable data with a human-centric foundation. MyData is described in the European data strategy as a promising initiative for empowering citizens through exercising their digital rights.

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