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Do you know what you get?


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Making purchasing decisions regarding services isn’t easy. Especially not, when it comes to services that are related to our homes, our dearest ones or that require major financial commitment. We are always looking for trustworthy and reliable service providers, but at the same time, we do not know how to find out or compare, which service provider suits our personal needs.

Usually the price becomes the determining factor for comparison, even though the cheapest alternative usually isn’t the most affordable one in the long run. At Zeckit, we want to emphasize the difference between the most affordable service and the cheapest one. Companies should be able to use persistent, high-quality work as a competitive advantage.


Well, you are probably familiar with the ordinary ingredient list of your everyday bread in a local grocery store. You also know the difference between organic and fair-trade products and how to compare them with regular off-the-shelf products. This is what we do at Zeckit, a simple, understandable and easy to compare ingredient list of companies. We want to simplify the process of finding information that supports the decision making process, at the right time, at the right place.

Zeckit is integrated in many partner services and is therefore easily accessible. Zeckit brings valuable data to its network and partners can use the data in their own services to add value for their customers. We want to expand the Zeckit network internationally, because information that helps making smart purchasing decisions should be easily available for everyone. 

Transparency builds trust - our vision is to bring a platform of trust to all of Europe.

Mika Huhtamäki
Captain of Zeckit

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