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Tilaajavastuu won European Identity & Cloud Award 2019

Sustainable data management is the driving force and core principle of the European digital economy. Together with the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Suomen Tilaajavastuu is working to create an industrial human centric MyData solution for the Logistics, Real Estate and Construction Sectors in the Baltic Sea region.

Tilaajavastuu’s MyData solution won the European Identity & Cloud Award 2019 in the Best Blockchain ID in Consumer Identity Project category. European Identity & Cloud is being organised 13th time by the KuppingerCole in Germany, Munich. The KuppingerCole Jury honored outstanding Identity Management and Security projects and initiatives.

“MyData solution enables the human-centric and consent-based data transfers to accelerate the data and AI oriented growth. Project started from a TrustNet research project where the goal was to investigate the opportunities for building decentralized data models and a solid foundation for business and public sector needs,” says Executive Vice President Mika Huhtamäki from Suomen Tilaajavastuu.

The proposed human-centric consent handling enables innovation, smoother workflows and great deal of time saving while preserving trust and privacy. It also removes all manual paperwork in different work-related information streams. MyData solution enables new methods for future consent handling between individuals and organizations.

“This solution incubated through our project is proving how people with clear business goals and passion to change the World with MyData can work out miracles. Tilaajavastuu and Traficom have really outshined the other use case solutions borne within TrustNet,” explains Harri Honko, Project Lead and PI in TrustNet.

The project concerns people, organisations and societies at large. Clear benefits include inclusion, engagement, easiness and comprehensible interactions between different stakeholders creating opportunities for organizations to access data sets that are otherwise difficult or near impossible to reach.

“A human-centric model enables informed decisions and value creating interactions between individuals and organisations. It is provable model by design where auditing and standardization can become the new norm, the European way, where interoperability between operators is a fact from the very beginning,” says Huhtamäki.

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For more information please contact:

Mika Huhtamäki

Executive Vice President of Tilaajavastuu Ltd


+358 400 616 253