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Valtticard delivery via courier as an additional service

Nov 13, 2019 11:07:00 AM

During the PAU strike, Vastuu Group temporarily introduces a courier service for the delivery of Valtticards, as an additional service. If your company wants a card order to be delivered via the courier service, you can place an order as usual via the ordering system (in the Ilmoita service) and send your order number by e-mail to kuriiripalvelu@vastuugroup.fi.
If you want all your card orders to be delivered by the courier service during the strike, also email us at kuriiripalvelu@vastuugroup.fi.


Orders and price

Orders are processed at 12 on weekdays. If our customer service has received and processed your order before 12, the order will be sent by courier the next day. If your order is received after 12 your order will be sent with the courier service within two working days after receiving your order.

Delivery of cards by courier causes manual work in the card printing house and in the delivery process. The cost of the courier service consists of the manual work and the delivery fee of the courier service. The cost of the courier service is 5 € / card + 15 € / order.

10 x Valtticard € 26
10 x Courier service 5 €
1 x Delivery fee 15 €
= total € 325 (+ VAT)

For more information, send an email to kuriiripalvelu@vastuugroup.fi or contact our customer service.