Use case

In the Reliable Worker service, the users can create a digital CV, where they can collect verified information concerning themselves from various sources based on MyData principles. Jobseekers can supplement their profile manually and share it with the employment services of their choice.

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Aiming at open data sources

For the personal data of everyone, i.e. MyData, to be available, it is important to make data sources support the sharing of data based on a consent. This requires shared rules and uniform methods for giving a consent and implementing the data transfer to make the process of granting an access and sharing personal data consistent.



We want to do this work of opening up the data sources together with the employment ecosystem. We at Vastuu Group cannot solve this alone. However, together with the entire network, we can make a big difference. Our operating model is as follows:

  • We will determine which kind of services and functions are needed.
  • We will determine which data sources are needed for the purpose.
  • We will determine where this data can be utilised.
  • We will determine how the data can be transferred, subject to a consent.
  • We will determine how the data can be utilised subject to a granted access.
  • We will pilot the granting of an access to and utilising the data with our partners by using a selected user group.


Vastuu Group is the first MyData operator in Finland. The operator will be responsible for managing the consents and for ensuring that only the parties to whom a consent has been given will be able to access the data. The MyDataShare service of Vastuu Group has been created for managing the consents. The service enables persons to share their data between services subject to their consent. MyDataShare Wallet is a tool where the users can see and manage all consents that they have given and to grant or cancel consents.

Go to the demo version of MyDataShare to see how MyDataShare Wallet works in practice.

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The international MyData Global association has granted Vastuu Group the first MyData operator award in Finland. The award was granted to operators who have a human-oriented approach to personal data, offer tools for the management of personal data, and consider individuals as the primary benefactor of their personal data. 




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