Foreign companies

Foreign companies working in Finland are required to adhere to Finnish legislative requirements. We make it easy to take care of your obligations before posting workers.



Reliable Partner

In Finland the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act stipulates that before entering a contract, the contractor or buyer must confirm that their contracting partner fulfill their legal obligations as a contracting party and employer. If you are posting workforce to Finland the easiest way of compliance is letting us gather all the required information for you. We publish this information on a report and make it available online for all your contracting partners.

At the present time companies from the following countries can become Reliable Partners:

  • Estonia
  • Sweden
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Poland


Based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act, persons working at building sites must display an ID card with a photograph that has passed a quality check and the name, tax number, and employer details of the worker.

The Valtti card is an excellent choice and also an excellent multipurpose ID for building sites. The smart card also has a bar code and an RFID code, and can, therefore, be read electronically.

Companies, who do not have a Finnish address or personal Finnish online banking credentials can place Valtticard orders by using our service point located in Tallinn, Estonia. Start with entering employee information to the Employee Management.

If you have Finnish online banking credentials you can place the order through the Card Service. When using the service for Valtticard orders the delivery- and invoicing addresses are required to be in Finland.

Useful information for foreign companies working in Finland