In the Ilmoita service, you can register your company to a building site, manage employee and company data, and order Valtti cards. Data entered into the service ensure the smooth operation of many of our other services.



You can register both your company and your employees in the Ilmoita service. After you have entered the information, the service automatically verifies if the details of your employees have been entered in the public tax number register maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration.

The information provided in the Ilmoita service helps ensure seamless functioning of a number of other services:

  1. You can order Valtti picture ID cards for your registered employees. You can rest assured that the name and tax number information on the card are correct, since the service has verified them for you. Valtti cards meet the legal requirements concerning personal IDs on construction sites.
  2. The clients your have contracts with can use the company information you submit for their monthly contract reporting to the Tax Administration. For successful contract reporting, you should also remember to register to the building site – which is also easy in the Ilmoita service!
  3. In addition to the company information, the constructors of building sites can use the employee information you submitted for employee reporting  – based on your registration to the building site. You do not need to submit the personal information of employees separately to each constructor, but they can all access the information in the same place.
  4. You can add competence information for your employees in the Taito Competence Register . The service enables the verification of competence information electronically.
  5. You can add access to the ePerehdytys training for your employees, which enables them to authenticate in the service directly, securely and with strong authentication. Completed ePerehdytys training can be reviewed directly in the Taito Competence Register or from the Valtti card.

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